Chloramine Reduction Filter for Ponds & Aquariums - 30,000 Litre

Chloramine Reduction Filter for Ponds & Aquariums - 30,000 Litre  [AQBBCM10]



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IMPORTANT: This unit will be supplied with a cartridge containing specially coated carbon designed to target Chloramine rather than Chlorine. All issues presented by Chlorine are also presented by Chloramine in regards to aquarium use.

Chloramine irritates the gills of fish, and blocks the oxygen carrying cells, eventually leading to suffocation. As chloramine is present in some UK domestic tap water, it is a problem for all aquarium owners in these areas to deal with.

Chloramine is added to tap water to kill bacteria, and can do the same in your tank. However, some bacteria is necessary to break down nitrate and ammonia compounds derived from fish waste, and removing these bacteria can cause levels to become too high, which can cause your fish even more problems.
In order to protect your fish, and the bacteria in your tank, you have two main options.
Firstly, some people choose 'chloramine neutralization' products that make tap water safe (such as sodium sulphate).
These take time to work, and your fish may suffer some distress during this period.
Also, it can be difficult to gauge the exact dosage required, and administering too much or too little is a very real possibility.
The second option is to remove chlorimine from the source (i.e. before you put the water in the tank).
This ensures that your fish do not suffer from the disruption of changing water and also protects the 'cycling' of your ammonia and nitrate compounds.

This Pozzani Chloramine Reduction Filter is made to the same high standards as our drinking water filters, and removes up to 99% of all the chloramine in tap water.

As well as chloramine, heavy metals such as lead, iron and copper are all significantly reduced, not to mention suspended solids, bacteria and dissolved organics (i.e. pesticides and oil residues).

Service Life: This high capacity version of the Chloramine reduction filter can be used for up to 12 litres per minute and has a 'rated capacity' of 30,000 litres.

Chloramine reduction should be in the 95% plus range.

Price includes housing spanner and bracket.
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