Aquarium Hardness Reduction Filter

Aquarium Hardness Reduction Filter  [AQHR-S]



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Water hardness is something that requires management in most fish tanks. It is possible, through regular water changes and 'evaporation', for water hardness to become concentrated over time, which may affect some types of fish, and possibly de-stablise your aquarium.

Excessive hardness can also be a contributing factor to some types of algae, which feed off the nutrients in the water.

In order to manage hardness in your aquarium it is generally recommended that the best solution is to fill your aquarium with soft water, and then add a buffering product to set the hardness to the required level (such as calcium carbonate, available from most pet stores). This means that as you top up or change the water in the tank, you are not adding any additional hardness, and the levels will remain reasonably constant over time.

The Pozzani Hardness Removal Filter will significantly reduce the amount of scale forming particles in your water, via an ion-exchange resin.

This filter is intended for tank filling only. It is not intended to be used as a circulating filter.

It is recommended that the additional fitting kit is purchased, which includes 10 metres of microbore tubing AND an easy fit saddle valve to connect your filter to the copper pipework beneath your kitchen sink.

These filters can be connected in-line (i.e. you can connect a chlorine removal and nitrate removal filter together), in this case only one fitting kit will be required.

Note: if no fitting kit is selected then the standard connectors are for microbore tubing only.
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